Everyone Can Wear Red

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Seductive, stylish, dramatic, daring, beautifully chic, elegant…A red lip can transform even the simplest of everyday outfits into one that’s totally polished and poised, effortlessly put together. Take the classic blazer-shirt-jean-heel combo and accent it with a flash of a red lip, and it’s instantly elevated.

A uniform pretty much for us at Style ME, we’re rarely seen without our own shade of scarlet. Yet each one of us is completely different in colouring, hair…eyes…skin. I’m a bright blonde with striking pale blue eyes, Nisha is dark-haired with stark, dramatic features…One of the brilliant things you learn when studying the science of colour is that there is actually a red for everyone, entirely dependant upon the individual characteristics of your skin and how it responds to certain colours. Your natural colouring. It’s an utter myth that only certain people can wear it, ‘pull it off’. Granted it’s often the thought of trying something so statement which holds us back from giving it a go, but when you find the right shade for you, maybe warm and orangey or deep and berry-hued, you’ll never EVER want to take it off. My go-to is a Revlon Super Lustrous™ in Fire & Ice…shiny, smooth and super-bright, yet coral-esque against the skin. Perfect for my Spring colouring.

Just look at the beauties above…All so different, but all rocking a red to fabulous effect.

Come on, if Marilyn loved it…

Have a fabulous Bank Holiday everyone!

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