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I’ve always been a sucker for fashion. I willingly, unflinchingly spend God-only-knows how much a month on magazines, pulling out pages and looks I love to store and stash and hoard for rainy Sundays where I can just flick through the prettiness. Hours I can spend thinking, ‘Oh my god that would look immense on so-and-so’…’Adore that, but I need boobs, dammit’…’Add that to that, pop a red lippy on it’… I could go on. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I actually did dream of styling as a career. I’m a fashion writer by day, language has always been my thing, (I collect words, my beaten-up Moleskin is peppered all over with adjectives stolen from Vogue) I think there’s something really lovely about a truly well-written sentence, one that just flows and fits and pleases in all the right places. But my love of fashion, for styling particularly, is something that has developed, grown and matured into an obsession and talent I guess, something it was about time I looked into taking further. 

 I did my research. Read what every Agency/Academy/College out there had to offer in the way of a Personal Styling course which would fit around my 9-5, one which I could actually afford (£3000, ermmm what?) and one which gave me everything in the way of services (wardrobe/colour/business planning…). Style ME quite literally was the only one which ticked all the boxes. It was personal styling I wanted, to learn how to style those who need it, give them confidence, happiness, reassurance. Mainly, I wanted to see if I could do it, so the fact that their courses are split into modules, bite-sized, convenient chunks rather than a whole ruddy week, was perfect. I turned up on Day 1 of my how to be a Personal Shopper course, took one look at Nisha and Mary Ann, heard their stories and fell hook-line-and-sinker. I wanted that life, that satisfaction, that passion, that opportunity to help others through my love of style. I did one course after another, spread the cost out to make it as easy as possible, and worked it around my job with ease. 

 So now, not only am I a working Style ME Personal Stylist doing all the above, but I’ve also been made a member of the Style ME family, and work as Marketing Manager for the Academy alongside Nisha and Mary Ann. Un-fricking-believeable really. I get to write on this here blog AND work as a Personal Stylist. 

I can’t stress it enough, if you want it, go out and get it my stylish friends. 

Favourite part of your job?
The helping people part. Personal Styling is about helping the average person, man or woman, find their style, unearth that confidence which comes from knowing who they are, their shape, their assets, and then learning how to work with them for every occasion to the best of their advantage. There’s nothing like seeing someone quite literally light up when they put something on which is perfectly suited to them, something they never would have chosen had I not gently coaxed them in the right direction. It’s a ridiculously rewarding career, you meet so many lovely people from one day to the next, people who can’t stop thanking you for telling them things that just come naturally. It seems far too good to be true.

When are you happiest?
Surrounded by my out-of-this-world amazing family and friends, (everyone says that, but golly gosh mine really are something else) laughing, dancing, drinking something sparkling and eating any form of sugary treat or better yet, carrot cake.

In three words, how would your best friends and family describe you?
A mixture of many (too kind) ones…Passionate, insightful and chic.

SS13 trend to watch out for?
I’m loving the new way with white. It’s not as girly or whimsical as previous seasons, it seems sharper, really modern. I think a white blazer is a summer must. Throw it over denim and you’ve got a winning combo every time.

Top style tip for your body shape?
I’m a classic rhubarb, skinny up and down with absolutely nothing going on in the chest department. For me, bodycon is just hideous, too much hip and not enough curve. Not a lot of people know bodycon is actually an Hourglass’s best friend, it’s stretchy, contouring cut is designed to show off a womanly figure, not accentuate jutting bones. For thin frames, it’s all about adding texture with the tightness; try summer’s laced layers, brocades and embroidery to add interest and shape.



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