Style ME Training
Style ME Training

So who doesn’t love online shopping for fashion? Sitting there in your lunch hour or in the evening with a glass of wine in your hand and some of the best (and worst!) fashion buys are made.

If you love it as much as we do, have you ever considered that you can earn money from shopping for others online?

At Style ME we love all reasons to shop and it was after a few years of styling our clients in stores that we realised we had more and more requests from clients that wanted our styling services but couldn’t come to London.

It was at this moment we started offering the opportunity to our clients to shop with a Style ME stylist and we called it ‘Virtual Styling’ … it was an instant hit!

It was so easy to shop across the stores online based on our clients bodyshape (and colours when known) and all our stylist had to do was present the client with look books and mood boards that reflected their brief and budget.

It was inevitable that this super easy styling service would eventually become a training course and in 2016 we launched our ‘Train to be a Virtual Stylist’ course.

In the last three years we have trained Fashion students, Sales Assistants, Personal Stylists and Stylish Men and Women all looking for an income as a Personal Stylist with the ease of offering their service to online customers.

We always say to our delegates, if you love shopping online for your own fashion there is nothing more satisfying than creating looks for your clients especially when you can do it in your own time and in the comfort of your own home.

Here’s just a couple of testimonials from delegates who have completed our ‘Train to be a Virtual Stylist’ training course:

“Hi, as you know I finished my Art & Design course years ago and loved it when we did the fashion module but I didn’t follow my passion and ended up getting a desk job in the travel industry. I’ve always loved shopping for clothes, and it was only recently I did some googling to see if there were any creative jobs and that’s when I found out about Virtual Stylist training. It seemed like a no brainer as I spend all day shopping online anyway and now I know about different body shapes and clients I can see that this is going to be so much fun.” Megan, St Albans

“Hi Nisha, I’ve got my first client! I’m excited as there are loads of new collection in the stores I think my client might like so I’m going to help her build a capsule wardrobe first I think and then I’ve got some ideas about branding my own look books as I really want to throw myself into this. I’ve just read all my notes so I’m keeping it fresh in my mind. I’m even thinking I might start offering it to men as well as like you say they would be even more inclined to use my services. Really thrilled I have found my new vocation, thanks again and I will keep you posted”. Elaine, Stamford

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