I can’t tell you how many Life Coaches have sent me personal styling clients over the years. You can see why of course. The woman who’s struggling with dating but fails to see it could be her style that’s putting men off, or the guy with an amazing CV who doesn’t get past the first interview because he doesn’t look sharp enough. Your style surely shouldn’t be the deciding factor, but with 55% of all first impressions being visual, can any of us really afford to ignore what we wear?

A life coach is in the perfect position to bring that to their client’s attention and more importantly because they are “investing” in themselves, the client is likely to pay for personal styling too. Once Life Coaches see how much Personal Stylist’s charge for their services, I’m sure the thought comes into their minds that surely, they should offer the personal styling services themselves and get the credit for the inside out transformation.

What stops them of course is self-doubt. They don’t look their best so how can they possibly inspire their clients to be styled by them? This is where my Train to be a Personal Stylist courses comes in. Your first client on my training is always YOU! I have a unique styling formula that is repeatable on anyone, no matter what their size, age or lifestyle… It works every time and once you learn how to apply it on yourself you will look a fantastic and feel great and that will give you the confidence to suggest your personal services to your life coach clients.

The best part is though, by personal styling your clients, showing them their most flattering colours and styles, editing their wardrobe building them that essential capsule wardrobe will not take weeks like your life coaching does, no it will only take one week! Imagine earning that additional £500 per client, you’d be mad not to!

The 5-day Intensive Training course, is perfect for anyone wanting to style both men and woman, get in touch to find out more.

Nisha x