Style ME Training
Style ME Training

What’s the one thing that all my budding stylists have in common? When they arrive to the training they are always wearing the latest fashion and colour trends. Of course they are eager to impress, not only me but the other delegates on the course too, wanting to show that they not only have a passion for fashion but that they are well suited to becoming a personal stylist I get it, because when I attended my training all those years ago I too was dressed head to toe in the season’s trends, desperate to make a great first and lasting impression….

What surprises them most is that to become a good Personal Stylist you don’t need to be particularly ‘on trend’. Yes of course you have to have an interest in trends but you don’t need to be a walking talking mannequin. What is 100% crucial is that you are dressing yourself in your most flattering colours and the most flattering and slimming cuts for your body shape as this is the skillset you’re going to pass on to your clients…

Your First Client is You!

This is where all the incredible slides we’ve created of celebrities getting it ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ work their magic as now the delegate can see how certain trends can look ridiculous on celebs no matter how expensive the item may be. The slides that show this this most are the make-up slides in the Colour Analysis presentation. Here they can see their much-loved icons looking older, chubbier, even gaunt just by wearing the wrong shade of lipstick or dyeing their hair in the wrong shade. This is a massive eye opener as they can see if these celebs with all the help from makeup artists and stylists can get it wrong, chances are they’ve also made some poor choices even with what they’re wearing to their training!

But Fear not…

The fact remains whatever you wear, be it a print or a colour it has to be a natural extension of you, that way the colour or trend will always be on trend for you and will be a permanent happy staple in your wardrobe so if you want to invest in this seasons ‘IT’ colour brown or buy that leopard print coat by all means invest in it if you’re an autumn but if you’re not you’ll save yourself the heartache next season of knowing how much money you’ve wasted because let’s face it by next season we’ll all be sick of seeing leopard print! That’s the amazing thing about the training every delegate leaves the training looking and feeling lighter – as if the penny’s dropped on what items and colours they should really be spending their money on creating themselves an inspirational capsule wardrobe.

Getting Clients

And this is the exact priceless knowledge they can pass on to their clients. Who doesn’t want to know what are their most flattering colours and what colours they should be avoiding? The best part is each season there’s an ‘IT’ colour for everyone. For autumns this AW18 it’s the luxurious rich chocolate brown, for winters it’s a futuristic silver, for summers it’s a powdery blue and for our lovely springs it’s a golden tan colour that looks great with light camel, so no one goes without looking ‘on trend’ they just need to find the perfect colour trend for them and then each season buy another investment piece that’s in their most flattering colour or style… this is how sale shopping can work to your advantage… wait until the trend is on it’s way out and if it’s in your most flattering colour or print then pick yourself a bargain as for you it will always be bang on trend!

Come and join our Essential Training course to find out your most flattering colours, trends and cuts!

Nisha x