Style ME Training
Style ME Training

Is this you? You have an eye for fashion and style, you effortlessly know how to put an outfit together, your find your friends and family are always coming to you for style advice and you’ve recently started to think wouldn’t it be nice to get paid for this and actually become a Personal Stylist! You know you’ve got great people skills because you’re confident, patient and can show real empathy to others.

You start imagining your life as a Personal Stylist; being your own boss, having the flexibility to fit your clients around your lifestyle, having fun, meeting different people, helping them to bring out the best in themselves, no two days ever being the same…wow this seems wonderful but then the anxiety creeps in….

What if I’m too old to change careers? How will I get the clients? How will I pay for my lifestyle? What if I’m not fashionable enough? Just because I can style myself, what’s to say I’ll be any good at styling anybody else? Well fear not these fears are totally normal. Changing careers at any stage in your life (I don’t care how old you are) is daunting. One side of you desperately wants you to take the risk and the other side wants to keep you safe and in your comfort zone. So let me dispel some of your fears.

Am I too old to become a Personal Stylist? The answer is no! No matter how old you are you have a client base waiting for you. Whether you’re 20 something or 50 something there are men and women in your peer group that need expert styling advice, you just need to meet them, inspire them and build your database of clients.

Will I make money as a Personal Stylist?
The personal styling industry has boomed in the past decade; having a personal stylist is no longer just for the rich and famous, it’s now within reach for everyone; the cash rich and time poor, people returning to work or looking for a promotion, people looking to date, people needing an outfit for a special occasion, people needing help with their self esteem post illness or surgery.. the list goes on. The point is; there are clients waiting for you everywhere! What you need to acquire is the skill set of all good personal stylists: Colour Analysis, Wardrobe Styling and Personal Shopping, so you can then build your individual business through add on services and recommendations, then as your database grows so will your confidence and bank balance!

The most important thing you need to make this dream a reality, as any successful personal stylist will tell you, is to get trained! So now’s the time to research on what is the right training for you!

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