Wardrobe Styling

Owning a capsule wardrobe…

Owning a capsule wardrobe...

Just imagine opening your capsule wardrobe in the morning and everything is organized, there is plenty of choice; items that you don’t just throw on but are actually excited to wear. You then simply put together an outfit that you know will only need a change of shoes and a pop of colour on your lips that will be perfect for your dinner date later that night. Doesn’t that sound great? Well that’s what your Style ME stylist can effortlessly help you create, a Capsule Wardrobe, that is perfect for your shape, your colouring and your lifestyle, that consists of […]

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Wardrobe styling…how does it work?

Wardrobe styling...how does it work?

Hopefully the message is now loud and clear that Dressing Your Shape is the easiest and most effective way to looking great and believe me when I say this there’s no better service than a Wardrobe Styling session, that takes place in the comfort and privacy of your own home to teach you the rules on how to dress your best. However, I think there’s a bit of confusion as to what actually takes place during a Wardrobe Styling session, so I thought I should clear up any misconceptions. Firstly, none of our Style ME stylists will arrive at your […]

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