2020 has been the year where working from home has become the new normal. With that, we’ve had a clearer insight to our loved one’s’ work…eaves dropping into their work zoom meetings and phone calls we can see and feel just how happy or unhappy they are in their current careers. The moans and groans don’t just come at the end of the day, we are now privy to the daily frustrations as and when they occur throughout the day.

Whether you’re in employment or not, 2020 has been stressful. If you’ve been furloughed there’s the fear or redundancy looming and if you’ve still kept your job, your company probably had to change its strategies over-night which without doubt has meant longer hours and added pressure; so, any unhappiness at work prior to this pandemic would only have been magnified!

So why not encourage your loved ones to make 2021 the year they really take the plunge and retrain to do a job they’ll love? So many women dream of becoming a personal stylist. They can imagine working for themselves, working flexible hours, helping others to look and feel their best but what often delays them in doing the training is guilt. “Can I justify spending money on my training?… isn’t it selfish for me to focus on my own needs right now?”

When I speak to these lovely ladies on the phone, I know all they need is encouragement from their other halves or family members to give them a push. I used to always tell them “When the time is right, you’ll do the training” but now when these ladies call me I’ve changed my approach. If there’s one thing we’ve all learnt due of Covid 19 is just how short life can be. So, I’m encouraging them to go for it NOW! Why wait for tomorrow? Life’s too short to be unhappy at work.

If you’re looking to give a unique gift to your loved one, I would seriously consider giving the gift of training and knowledge because it 100% will change their life! Seeing them train for a new career with all that enthusiasm and joy will not only give you massive brownie points but will have a positive effect on your life too. No one’s asking anyone to leave their existing careers; personal styling is a career you can dip your toe into and most people start by doing it part time, in the evenings and weekends so there’s no pressure.

Gift vouchers can be arranged for any monetary value that they can use towards any of our courses. It’s never about the monetary value though; receiving a gift voucher from a loved one shows them YOU believe in them and their dreams and shows them more than anything, you want them to be happy and do a job they love!