Style ME Training
Style ME Training

Tell me, when you think of Colour Analysis what comes to mind? Is it a glamorous slightly older lady (your mums age) wearing a bright dress with a matching handbag, shoes and lipstick? Well fear not because when I started my career as a Personal Stylist that’s exactly what I thought!

It was insisted upon that to become a professional Image Consultant (that’s what we were called back then) I had to include Colour Analysis in my services. So I reluctantly parted with £3000 and took a week from my precious holidays to attend my training. It was during that week however, all the way back in 2006, that my life changed. For not only did it confirm to me 100% that I wanted to become a Personal Stylist but it was here that I was shown first hand the power of what wearing the ‘right’ colours can do for you and the devastating effect wearing the ‘wrong’ colours can have on your appearance!

15 models of different ages and complexions all had their colour’s done and the positive results were immediate to see but it was only when I had my ‘colours’ done that I became hooked, you see, I was a fresh faced 30 year old, blessed with good olive skin but when my trainer put the wrong coloured drapes against me, I couldn’t believe how bad I looked! My dark circles were exaggerated, my skin looked sallow and my face looked so much chubbier than it did with the right colours! That was when the penny dropped, you see I loved all the Autumn colours; camel, khaki, rust but whenever I wore them I always felt I needed more make-up, in particular blusher to define my cheekbones and I would never get complimented in those colours. Like most people I was just wearing colours that I liked, whether or not they physically suited me didn’t really come into it!

From that moment on I swore never to wear any of my unflattering colours again, what would be the point? Instead I dyed my hair back to my natural black, bought the right make-up and fell in love with my Winter palette. It didn’t stop there, everyone in my life benefited with my newfound enthusiasm for colour, I insisted on showing everyone (much to their irritation) what they were doing wrong! But more so than that I made it my mission to bring Colour Analysis to the 21st century! Getting your colours done is cool: You learn to look your best all of all the time, even with no make-up on, you’ll wear your chosen colours with confidence because you know they suit you, you’ll learn how to colour block (no matchy matchy I swear!), you’ll discover new and interesting colour combinations and you’ll remove any expensive colour mistakes from future purchases! What’s not to love?

If you’re not convinced, just know that wearing the wrong colours will cast shadows onto the face, exaggerate uneven skin tones, accentuate lines, blemishes and dark circles, make your complexion look dull, tired, drained, washed out, flat, grubby or sallow, give a general look of poor health and most definitely will age your face!

Trust us when we tell you that you will never go out of style when you wear YOUR colours.

Style ME x