Style ME Training
Style ME Training

The purpose of Colour Analysis is to provide you with your range of your most flattering colours; showing you how to wear and combine them and showing you which colours to avoid. The way in which all Colour Analysts do this is by determining the colour characteristics of your skin, eye and hair colour.

As with everything at Style ME there has to be a science and logic behind what we do and we pride ourselves on training future stylists and teaching our clients the rules to dress in the simplest possible way. So without complicating the process (as so many agencies do) we just need to establish whether your colouring is ‘Light’ or ‘Dark’; ‘Bright’ or ‘Muted’ and ‘Warm’ or ‘Cool’.

Unfortunately this process can’t be done with the naked eye or without natural daylight (contrary to belief), instead we use specially selected drapes and through the process of elimination we determine which season’s palette you fall under: Winter, Summer, Autumn or Spring. Each of these season’s palettes has around 35 colours and these become your perfect colours; perfect for your hair, make-up clothes and accessories.

Together we look for the colours that don’t detract from you and seem almost like a natural extension of you. Simply put, the defining drapes communicate whether the colour season is working for or against you. Remember the right colours even out your skin tone, diminish any lines, dark circles and wrinkles and define your bone structure and features.

From here you are shown the best base/core colours to have in your wardrobe; investment pieces, colours for tailoring and coats, jackets and accessories. You’ll be shown how to co-ordinate colours together as well as what the right colours are to raise your visibility especially at work and for those special occasions!

Men and women of any age and lifestyle will benefit from getting their colours done, that’s our guarantee but the best part is you only need to get your colours done once in your lifetime; as you are the same season throughout your whole life time; even when you have a tan and even when you are fully grey! So the sooner you get them done the better!