Style ME Training
Style ME Training

Have you recently had your colours done? Did you love it? Did you come back full of excitement telling all your friends and family how like magic your complexion changed when your Colour Analyst held different coloured drapes against your face? Did you then go on and on about it, even telling certain friends how black isn’t their colour? Well then you may have got the Colour Analysis bug, don’t worry you’re not alone as its definitely something that’s going around! Colour Analysis is back on trend, and everyone seems to want to get it done.

So, if there’s a high demand for it and you loved it, maybe you should look into doing it as a career. Not necessarily as a full-time gig but something light and fun to do part-time. 6 out of 10 of my Train to be a Colour Analyst delegates came to me after getting their own Colour Analysis done. They have no real desire to become Personal Stylists, they just want to do something creative on the side, that brings them and their client’s joy. There’s no pressure to look like a fashion stylist, anyone of any age or background can do it. You don’t need a background in fashion, you don’t need to be naturally talented but the only thing you can’t be is colour blind (sorry to state the obvious )

It goes without saying you do need training and you do need to purchase the specially selected drapes but apart from that, there are no overheads. You can conduct it from home, or you can do it at your client’s home and if you train with Style ME Training, unlike the bigger franchises like House of Colour and Colour Me Beautiful you get to set your own pricing and choose how far you’re willing to travel.

My corporate delegates will tell you, they’re just so happy to be doing something creative in their spare time. My stay-at-home mums will tell you how much fun it is to meet other adults over the weekend and just get out of the house and my older delegates will tell you they just love inspiring their peer group to look and feel fantastic at any age, it really is a career for everyone!

And the best bit, is you can make good money doing it. On average a Colour Analyst charges around £150 for the service that takes around an hour to do… a couple of those over a weekend and you’re easily earning £500 a month. And don’t forget the long summer days means you can even fit in a few Colour Analysis sessions during the week!

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Love Nisha x