Style ME Training
Style ME Training

Before I became a Stylist, I bought a lot of accessories. I don’t just mean bags and shoes but jewellery too: statement earrings, necklaces, chokers, bracelets. If I liked it, I wore it and paid zero attention if the items suited me or not. This was of course prior to knowing my colours and body shape. Many of those items sadly now never leave the jewellery box.

Do the different body shapes really benefit from different accessories? Absolutely! Take my hourglass frame for instance, my bust is an asset so you may think a statement necklace will flatter it, but no, a statement necklace will bulk up my chest and make me look top heavy.

Or take the larger ‘oval’ woman, you might think a few bangles will draw attention to her wrists, but all they manage to do is cover the slimmest part of her body: her wrists; I’d want to buy her rings or earrings instead.

Accessories are a great distraction too. Imagine the client who’s unhappy with her weight gain or weight loss. This is when a statement shoe or handbag becomes her ally and distraction, as people will be gushing over her bag or shoes vs. her lack of body confidence.

In the long run accessories will save your client money and are essential for anyone wanting to build a Capsule Wardrobe. One dress can be worn in so many ways just by changing the shoes alone. And what if your client can’t afford to buy a new outfit for every party invitation, but she happens to own a fantastic jumpsuit? You can help her create totally different looks wearing that jumpsuit and colour blocking with different statement accessories.

By offering a Colour Analysis session you will be advising on her statement colours. What will it be? Emerald green, cobalt blue, purple, turquoise? Many clients simply don’t have the knowhow on which colours go with what so will need your guidance to create a look that goes beyond a black pair of heels matched with silver or gold jewellery.

And how about the client who wants to invest in fine jewellery or is looking for an engagement ring, she will surely want to know if she should be going platinum, silver, or gold.

Accessories can really make or break an outfit, no one wants to look overdone like a Christmas tree (even at Christmas) and understanding which accessories to use on which clients shouldn’t be underestimated. It’s a skillset that any budding stylist should learn. Fortunately, all our courses cover ‘Accessories’ training so you’ll soon have that wizardry wand to hand.

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Nisha x