Style ME Training
Style ME Training

Are you the one that your friends and family turn to when they need some styling advice? They’ve got an event to go to, or perhaps they want to update their look, so they come to you for some guidance? How does that make you feel?

  • Proud? What a compliment, you must be looking good and styling yourself well if they’re turning to you, right?
  • Responsible? What an honour, they’re putting their trust in you, so you don’t want to get it wrong.
  • Inspired? This is such a fun thing for you to do! You love clothes and shopping, and you love getting the praise and gratitude afterwards from your friends (who by the way are always telling you should become a Personal Stylist and actually get paid for doing what you love).

Or are you feeling a little panicked? Panicked, because of course it’s easy to style yourself, you know how to dress your body shape, but your friend has a completely different body shape to you and you’re not quite sure on what styles will suit her. Well panic not, this is the reason why anyone who wants to hone their natural talent and passion for fashion needs training on how to become a Personal Stylist.

All our Personal Styling courses will teach you how to dress all the different body shapes; teaching you how to disguise women’s flaws, draw attention to their assets whilst creating them a slimmer balanced frame with the right style of clothes.

If you are interested in becoming a Personal Stylist, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, all our courses can be found here:

If in the interim you’re looking for some inspiration, keep an eye out for our ‘Styling Solutions’ videos on Instagram and Facebook that will give you a taster of the kind of styling dilemmas we get asked to solve by our lovely personal styling clients, if these inspire you, a career in Personal Styling is the one for you!

Nisha x