Are you potentially thinking of a career in fashion? Can you see yourself working as a Personal Stylist; choosing fabulous clothes and colours for your clients, that fit them perfectly, flatter their complexion, suit their lifestyle and budget whilst being your own boss, working flexible hours and earning great money? You’re not alone! We get so many enquiries from women just like you! They’re intrigued by this magical professional almost thinking it’s too good to be true.

During the free consultation my advice is always the same, this is the dream career for anyone who has a passion for fashion, is a people’s person and who’s also self motivated. I then explain how personal styling works, in that there’s a 3-step process:

  • Step 1 is you do a Colour Analysis session on your client, to find her most flattering colours.
  • Step 2 is you do a Wardrobe Styling consultation to see if her existing clothes flatter her body shape and complexion.
  • Step 3 is you offer a Personal Shopping service to find her clothes that not only suit her body shape and compliment her complexion but also suit her lifestyle and budget.

The training we offer at our academy reflects these 3 steps:

  • Step 1 do the 1 day Train to be a Personal Shopper course to understand the different body shapes and how to dress them.
  • Step 2 do the 1 day Train to be a Colour Analyst course, to understand about the different season your client can be.
  • Step 3 do the 1 day Train to be a Wardrobe Stylist course to understand how to eliminate the clothes that no longer suit your client.

Of course most women go on to do all 3 courses and although it is advised to do them in 3 consecutive days for some they just want to dip their toes in to see if:

  • A career in Personal Styling is for them.
  • We’re the right academy for them to train with.
  • Which modules they want to offer their potential client base.

For that reason we offer every one of our clients any one of the 3 courses above for £99 instead of the usual price of £500 that’s a saving of 80%. That’s pretty amazing don’t you think? People always ask me how do we make money like that? The reason why we do it is because 99% of our delegates love the training so much that they end up doing all 3 modules eventually it’s just a way to try before you commit. A lot of women didn’t even know a career in Personal Styling is out there so this option is perfect for them.

Of course the women who’ve been dreaming of being a Personal Stylist for months or even years don’t need this option and instead they will definitely choose the 3 day Essential Training course or 5 day Intensive Training course but this bargain of trying a course out for only £99 is a lovely even if you just want to learn how to dress yourselves better with the right colours and right style of clothes.