For all you lovely people who have been furloughed for nearly a year now, how do you feel now that your furlough has been extended until September? For those of you that don’t love your jobs, I’m sure the news has come as a welcomed relief. Six more months to not have to face the music or the dread of going back to a job that fills you with no joy!

Maybe you’re looking at this extension as another sign to train in another career? If you’re reading this blog maybe that career is Personal Styling? If so, I’m going to ask you to now use your imagination… Imagine it’s September 2021 and you’re on that train going to the office after 18 months of being at home. How would you feel? Would you be kicking yourself that you didn’t used the past 18 months to train in a new field/career that every part of you just knows you’d be amazing at? I can pretty much guarantee you would.

You’d be wondering to yourself, where did the time go? The first half of anything always goes slowly but the second half just flies by, I have no idea why, but it’s always the case. These next 6 months from March to Sept will be no exception especially since we’re beginning to come out of lockdown in April, things are going to get busier and time will fly.

Sept 2021 is going to be a busy time for us Personal Stylists. AW21 collections will be out, lockdown will officially be over, consumer confidence will be back and people will be shopping! So, if you are thinking of becoming a Personal Stylist, I urge you to use these next few months to train and then practice honing your skillset over the Summer before life resumes to normal in September 2021 and most definitely in time for a new 2022.

The time is Now! Don’t delay. Don’t Procrastinate!