Style ME Training
Style ME Training

Have you desperately been asking your loved one what they want for Christmas, and they can only respond with “get me anything.” What they really mean is nothing is exciting them; they probably have everything they need and would probably love you to use your imagination…

So, what can you possibly give them, something that will show them you really understand them and care for them? Have they been discussing how they would love to train in a new skillset, maybe they want a part time hobby or perhaps they haven’t stopped talking about their dream of becoming a Personal Stylist?

If you’re looking to give a unique gift to your loved one, I would seriously consider giving the gift of training and knowledge because it 100% will change their life! Seeing them train for a new career with all that enthusiasm and joy will not only give you massive brownie points but will have a positive effect on your life too.

No one’s asking anyone to leave their existing careers; personal styling is a career you can dip your toe in to and most people start by doing it part time, in the evenings and weekends so there’s no pressure.

Gift vouchers can be arranged for any monetary value that they can use towards any of our Personal Styling courses. It’s never about the monetary value though; receiving a training gift voucher from a loved one shows them YOU believe in them and their dreams and shows them more than anything, you want them to be happy!

The best bit is, all our training is now offered Virtually and can be offered on a one-to-one basis, so we can be totally flexible on timings and with another lockdown looming this could be the perfect time to learn a new skillset.

If you’re unsure on the right course or need some guidance on what to gift, get in touch now and we’ll make the whole process as easy as possible.

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