Are you a Hairdresser or do you own a salon? How happy do you feel when you’ve given your clients a brand-new hair style and they can’t stop thanking you? Can you imagine taking that transformation one step further and styling their clothes to perfection too?

Lockdown gave a lot of small businesses the time to brainstorm new creative ways to drive incremental business, and our 3-day Essential Train to be a Personal Stylist course has been very popular with salon owners who very quickly have caught on to the idea of adding Personal Styling to their services.

The 3 Day Essential Training course teaches: Colour Analysis, Wardrobe Analysis and Personal Shopping. All the salon needs is a small area where you can carry out a colour analysis session, and perhaps have a running rail where clients can bring in the clothes they are unsure about then once you’ve established what colours suit them and what styles will flatter their body shape you can then either take them on an accompanied personal shopping trip or shop for them virtually, it’s so easy, once you’ve been trained on how to do it! You will charge around £500 for that styling package, so if that isn’t incremental earning, I don’t know what is 

The 3-day training course is ideal, as you probably don’t need help in marketing your business as you already have a database of clients, all you need to do is upsell to them! The fact that you can learn the 3 skills Personal Shopping, Wardrobe Styling and Colour Analysis in just 3 days is also beneficial as you don’t need to take too much time away from the business. As much as I love to meet all my delegates face to face, this training can be done virtually, so you don’t even have to leave the salon. Training is carried out as a one to one so we can be totally flexible with timings too!

It’s going to be tough for businesses out there, we are all trying to stand out from our competition and build loyalty, and salon owners know this more than anyone, so don’t delay in giving your salon a 360 transformation and add Personal Styling to services, you won’t regret it.

Nisha x