Style ME Training
Style ME Training

When I train people to become a Wardrobe Stylist I always advise them to look out for the impulse buys that are in their clients wardrobe, you can tell what these items are because they usually still have the price tag on or are guiltily thrown at the back of the wardrobe! And it’s because of these impulse buys that the 80/20 rule applies: you wear 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time because 80% of your wardrobe isn’t working for you, it either doesn’t suit your current lifestyle, your bodyshape or your colouring! It’s not that these aren’t lovely items, they so often are but they simply don’t flatter the client, hence they are hardly worn.


Let’s face it we’re all guilty of the odd impulse buy but the client that has you in her home, needing your help with her wardrobe who is willing to pay for your services is the woman who just doesn’t know what suits her and continues to buy whatever’s on trend, that may look great on her friend but doesn’t have the same wow factor on her, or who’s mistaking bargains in the sale for a waste of money! This is when the wardrobe stylist comes in and waves her magic wand. With an unbiased eye she will look at the clothes in her client’s wardrobe and advise if they are working for her or against her and most importantly explaining why…


During the Wardrobe Styling training we teach you how to make your client look and feel FAB! We do this by acknowledging and hiding their potential flaws, then accentuating their assets (yes everyone has them) and then creating them a balanced frame which as a result helps them look slimmer; only leaving items in their wardrobe that make them feel fabulous, whilst creating the much needed space in her wardrobe! We do the clear out first and then create them their very own capsule wardrobe, clothes that perfect for their bodyshape, colouring and lifestyle; items they can dress up or down, anytime of the day any season of the year.


As for all the unflattering items, no we don’t bully them into throwing them away, we tactfully advise to either sell them or give them away to someone who will appreciate the item and actually wear them! A personal shopping trip usually comes next as you’ve built your clients trust and together you shop for the missing items to complete her capsule wardrobe. Does this mean she stops shopping in the sales or stops buying the latest trends? Of course not, she’ll still shop in the sales but with the knowledge you’re passing on to her she’ll know exactly what she’s looking for and she’ll wear the item rather smugly because she knows not only that she got it cheaper but most importantly that it really flatters her and she’ll always love wearing it, as even when it’s no longer on trend it will always be on trend for her. This is when the compliments keep on coming especially from her other half whose admirably looking at her side of the wardrobe thinking it’s time to invest in your services too….



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