Style Me Training Academy
Style Me Training Academy

Delegates that are really serious about becoming a Personal Stylist usually book on to our ‘5 day Intensive Train to be a Personal Stylist course’ as it teaches you absolutely everything you need to know to run a successful personal styling business. There’s always a bit of hesitation though when it comes to doing their photoshoot. The photoshoot is organised so that we at Style ME can have a professional photo of our delegate that can go on to our database of Style ME Personal Stylists.

“Is it really necessary? I can give you a photo of me if you really need one.” This is the usual reaction I get. What is it about a photo shoot that fills us with dread? Is it having all the attention on us that doesn’t feel right or is it about being too self-conscious in front of a camera? Either way my response is always “No, this photoshoot is really necessary and trust me you will love it.”

What delegates don’t realise is that it’s an incredible branding exercise. The training week has been devised so that delegates get practice in styling lots of different types of clients: the woman with low confidence, the woman going on a date, the woman going to an interview, the wannabe fashionista to name a few… all these tasks are set so that delegates get a feel of what type of stylist they want to be and what type of client they most want to appeal to; something you only really get to understand and figure out during the week’s training.

By the end of the week, when it’s time for the photo shoot we are both clearer on who your target audience is, the type of stylist you want to be and how you want to come across to your potential clients: the corporate stylist, the fashion expert, the down to earth stylist, the minimalist, the inspirational 50+ etc. Remember you simply can’t appeal to everyone, so narrowing it down is crucial.

Once we’re both clear, the whole photoshoot experience is a way for you to get into character and be that stylist. You’re pampered by the best make-up artist, hairdresser and photographer that you share your vision with at the start so they can bring that new vision of you to life… By magic you leave feeling like a million dollars, resonating on the perfect frequency to attract in the exact type of client looking for someone exactly like you to be their chosen personal stylist!

Don’t fear it, look forward to it!

Nisha x