Style ME Training
Style ME Training

How do I get my clients? or put another way how do I grow my business? This is what most eager delegates want to know because they too want to follow my success. 15 years ago, I worked out very quickly to be a key player and more importantly remain a key player in this fabulous world of personal styling you simply must be very good at what you do!

I’ve seen plenty of Personal Stylists come and go over the years; personal stylists that had great Instagram pages, with them dressed in latest trends looking like they’re living their best lives, doing their dream job only to completely disappear a couple of years later. You see you can have the best social media campaigns and spend a fortune on Google ad campaigns but if you’re not that great at styling others who have real styling dilemmas, quickly you’ll be exposed and won’t be able to naturally grow your business, aka pay the bills!

I made a conscious decision all those years ago, to style every client to the best of my ability and then share all my knowledge with them; key styling rules that I could easily keep to myself. Why? Because I knew these clients would feel so amazing to have my unique styling formula under their belt that they would want their closest loved ones to receive the same experience. 9/10 times my clients recommend me to their mum/sister/boyfriend/husband and it’s a wonderful way for me to get to know the whole family and organically build my business.

A Colour Analysis session is the perfect unique gift idea and is step one of our 3 styling steps; Wardrobe Styling and Personal Shopping are step 2 and 3. If they then enjoy their gifted colour analysis session I more than likely will be styling them further on step 2 and 3 and then they too will go ahead and recommend me to their friends and family, and so the business grows.

But this is not as easy as it seems, to style someone really well and to get raving reviews you have to be really good otherwise the pyramid won’t build. How do you get really good? With excellent training on all the required skillsets, ongoing coaching and mentoring and lots and lots of practice! Luckily on our 5 Day intensive Train to be a Personal Stylist course you get all that and more!

Nisha x

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