Style ME Training
Style ME Training

This is a question I always get asked by my delegates? This is always followed by a question from me asking them, “How much do you want to earn as a Personal Stylist?” I know that sounds strange but that’s the joy of being in a service lead self-employed industry, we have an uncapped earning potential.

Say for example you want to earn £70,000 per annum, you’re used to earning this in your existing career and that’s what you need to bring home. So together we would work backwards. Earning £70k per annum will mean you need to earn £225 per day if you do this on a full-time basis. As a Personal Stylist you can make on average £500 a day, that’s if you include a Colour Analysis session, a Wardrobe Edit and a Personal Shopping session.

During our business planning session and ongoing mentoring sessions, we will put together a realistic plan of action. Maybe you have less days, or less hours to work with, so then we need to either lower our earning expectations or charge more for our services. Charging more for our services might mean you might have to target a more affluent clientele.

One thing’s for sure, to earn your maximum, you must have every skillset under your belt, from Colour Analysis, Wardrobe Styling, Personal Shopping to even Men’s Styling. Don’t miss a trick. Fortunately, on our 5-day Intensive Training Course you will learn every skillset and you will have me personally working on your business plan with you. I will see opportunities in your life you might not have even considered.

The updated Intensive Training course now even includes Virtual Styling, so really the earning potential is fantastic; you can style clients all over the world, not just in your home time or allocated postcode and if need be you can either work throughout the night, as shopping online doesn’t have closing hours!

I guess the question is always how hungry are you for financial success? What’s your appetite? Trust me, whatever you desire is always on the menu!

Nisha x