When I first started Virtual Styling my clients all those years ago it was a matter of convenience, either my clients couldn’t get to me, or it was a last-minute request. Of course, they would have preferred to have a one-to-one Personal Shopping experience with me in London.

During the past two years, where we have been in and out of lockdown, having to wear masks in store, not feeling safe due to the virus, Virtual Styling my clients became a life saver for so many of my clients who still wanted to shop and needed specific outfits.

But it hasn’t only been a life saver for my clients but for us Personal Stylists too. You see, stores (apart from Zara!) aren’t really holding enough stock, be it all sizes or even the full range, which can be so frustrating. Imagine you know the exact dress you’re looking for because you’ve seen it online, but the retailer doesn’t stock it and your client is desperately looking at you for solutions. Of course, you have to improvise, which any good personal stylist can do, but it can be stressful.

That’s why virtual styling has become the god send. My clients are happy to get my expert advice without having to leave their homes and I’m happy because there are endless options of clothes and brands online. So now that we are finally seeing an end to the pandemic (fingers crossed) I actually believe most my clients will be happy to continue being virtually styled by me.

Therefore, it’s crucial for any budding stylist to learn how to offer her personal styling services virtually. But it comes with a warning. With virtual styling there is no room for improvisation on the day. The client is putting her/his full trust in you, there are no second chances to make that great first impression and get that client for life.

There is an actual formula to Virtual Styling clients, and it’s different from styling in store, and I’ve included this in the 5 Day, Train to be a Personal Stylist course and I’ve even found, after being on the training my recent delegates have actually decided, they don’t want to offer an instore personal styling service, they prefer to do it online!

Don’t lag behind, Virtual Styling will be the way forward, make sure you can offer this as an option to your prospective clients.

Nisha x