Style ME Training
Style ME Training

One of our most popular courses at the Academy is our ‘Train to be a Colour Analyst’ course.

We like to think the reason it’s so popular is because we are the only Academy that can get you trained in one day and we are so competitively priced by comparison. The reason we know this is because our Founder, Nisha, first ventured into Personal Styling by completing her Colour Analysis training at Aston & Hayes and the course was fantastic but it took one week and a hefty £3k to complete!

We have the privilege of teaching so many women who are looking into adding Colour Analysis as either an arm to their current business or working as a colour analyst alone. We’ve had hairdressers, make-up artists and even photography studios all invest in getting trained to offer this fantastic service.

What is great about offering Colour Analysis is that you can also make an incremental income even after you have performed colour analysis on your client.

Just imagine the scene, your client has just had their colours done and they can’t believe how they ‘ve managed to miss ever buying anything in what they’ve just learnt is in their colour palette. They are now really keen to get that amazing electric blue or emerald green colour in their wardrobe and are desperate to hit the shops and grab some new pieces.

This is the opportunity that you as the colour analyst can be there to offer products whilst they are excited about the discovery of new colours that are missing. Why not show them a range of scarves, jewellery or the Sun Kissed by Style ME kaftans range which are sold in every seasons colours, fit one size and are super easy to carry with you if you work as a mobile colour analyst.

But maybe you have other ideas? As we mentioned, we have trained plenty of make-up artists who are obviously experts in applying make-up, but now they are able to upsell eye shadow, blush, lipstick, nail polish etc to their clients because they 100% know what colours should be in their make-up bag…it’s genius really!

One other great way of making extra money when you’re a trained colour analyst is to link it with another business. It works so well if you have an Avon business as you can look through your products and see what works well for each of the seasons and educate your clients. It really is a win win situation and really adds that extra value-added service your clients will really appreciate and you make even money on the products you sell.

I hope we’ve helped you understand just how creative you can be when adding on sales to your Colour Analysis business.

Nisha loves seeing how excited her clients are when she’s finished colour analysis and always makes sure she has her range of Sun Kissed kaftans available in a selection of colours. The great thing about offering something as generic as a kaftan is when you’re on the beach it normally means you are at your most natural and without your usual make up so it makes sense that you should be wearing something that is in your colour…and this is our main focus whenever we talk about colour…it should be a natural extension of you.

So, I hope we’ve got you excited about making extra income as a trained Colour Analyst and good luck with whatever you decide to upsell to your clients!