Over the years, I’ve been asked several times whether or not Style ME is a franchise. To clarify Style ME is a brand, not a franchise and Style ME Training is the Training Academy that comes under the brand, alongside Style ME Agency and Style ME Within.

When we set up the Training Academy 10 years ago we did consider making it into a franchise but decided against it. Firstly, because I don’t like the rules and regulations that accompany franchises and secondly because I don’t like the idea of being ‘Big Brother’ scrutinising every move of my delegates. I personally really value the freedom I have to run my businesses in whichever way I want so it would be hypocritical to take that freedom away from others if we became a franchise.

What we do offer though is a Style ME Membership, where delegates who have been trained by me on Colour Analysis, Wardrobe Styling and Personal Shopping can come under our Style ME Umbrella. Think of it as a mini franchise without any incremental costs to you. Where:

  1. You get to call yourself a ‘Style ME’ Personal Stylist. This does wonders for your profile and reputation as it shows you’ve been vetted by a recognised established Personal Styling brand.
  2. Your photo and contact details go on our database of stylists www.stylemeuk.com/our-stylists which means you can start earning straight after your training, you don’t have to wait until your own website is launched, you can direct people to the Style ME site where your profile can be viewed.
  3. You get access to the Style ME logo so you don’t even have to set up a separate website but if you eventually do decide to set one up, your new website details will be put onto your profile so people will be directed to your own site.

Please note:

  1. This Style ME membership is included in the 5 day Intensive Training Course.
  2. We don’t take any commission from you when you have your clients, you’re free to charge what you want and style anyone you want, wherever you want, we won’t be checking up on you!
  3. Customers of Style ME Agency can contact you directly from our database as they may prefer to be styled by you, again no commission/Finder’s fee will be charged.

We at Style ME pride ourselves on getting you working and earning ASAP!