Is Style ME Training the right Academy for Me?

Hi and welcome to Style ME Training. I’m Nisha, founder of both Style ME Training and Style ME Personal Styling agency. Congratulations, you’ve made it here! I bet the journey here hasn’t been so easy. Maybe you’ve been working in another career for years and now’s the time you’re finally going to pursue your dream career as a Personal Stylist!

Well I hate to say it now the real work begins and by that I don’t mean your training. I mean finding the right training academy for you! You’re probably overwhelmed with the amount of choice out there; I certainly was all those years ago. How do you choose the right academy for you? It’s not like choosing a hotel where you can get a recommendation from your friends. This is all down to you, and the stakes are high. Choose the wrong one and you’ll not only waste your time but your hard earned money. Training isn’t cheap but it is so necessary.

I remember my training well, I went to 3 different academies, spent nearly £10k and all 3 of them had different styles of training and different points of view of what Personal Styling should entail. After months of training all I felt was deflated and ready to give it all up. Lucky for me I didn’t give up and instead decided to teach myself on the job. Although I got there in the end, it was disheartening that I didn’t have the guidance early on.

We at Style ME are all about integrity, I would never want you to feel ripped off so before you make up your mind answer a few questions to see if we are the right fit for you. We want our delegates to the represent our brand so we also need to make sure you’re the right candidate for us too.

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