Style ME Training
Style ME Training

Very often people just book onto one of my styling courses directly via PayPal without the need of any advice, but 3 weeks into 2021 and I’ve been on the phone talking to potential delegates more than any other previous years. The questions are the same:

“Is this the right time/climate to train to become a Personal Stylist considering all the uncertainty.”

My answer is “yes!”

Yes we are in the middle of a pandemic but with the vaccination role out going to plan, life will sooner or later go back to some form of normal. People will want to be styled and will want to shop again, so for anyone who is or who wants to be a Personal Stylist they simply have to be ready for when that time comes.

There is a 3-step process to learn and to gain confidence in any new skillset: Step 1 is to acquire the knowledge via good training, step 2 is to then consolidate the learning and then step 3 is to be able to recall the knowledge from memory.

Although you can acquire all the knowledge you need become a Personal Stylist in as little as 3 days via my training course, its consolidating and recalling the knowledge that takes time, patience and persistence. Some of my delegates take a full year to really grasp the knowledge, that can only come via practice. In my opinion 2021 is the best year to become the student. Get the training and be ready, spend time steadily practicing so that you can confidently go for it when life resumes!

The practice comes from having me as your mentor. I’m continuously giving my delegates ‘styling’ tasks whenever they need them, so even though they may not have any real paying clients the fictional clients and assignments, keeps the momentum going.

It’s not always easy, they often get things wrong or underwhelm me with the styling options they select but as I always tell them, they’re still a student, they’re not expected to be as good as me, I’ve got 15 years styling experience and surely it’s better they get things wrong with a fictional client than with a real paying client?

For anyone thinking they’ll postpone their training to later in the year or even next year, I strongly advice don’t waste this precious year, use this time to build your confidence so by the 2nd half of year and 2022 you are in total alignment to start earning good money from your dream career as a Personal Stylist.