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Style ME Training

Is this you, you’ve got butterflies (the good kind) because you’ve finally come to the realisation that a career as a Personal Stylist is perfect for you! Shocked that’s it’s taken you so long to figure it out, you simply don’t want to waste anymore time? You know for sure you’re going to need some solid training but now you’re feeling deflated because the training academies and courses in your city or even your country are so limited.

Well now’s the time to broaden your horizons and travel to London, the fashion capital of the world to train to be a Personal Stylist. In the past few years we’ve had so many women from different countries and cities join us at Style ME Training. Even though we’re growing rapidly, we pride ourselves on the flexibility we offer to each of our delegates. Once we’ve had the initial consultation on the phone we can decide exactly on what training modules suit you best; whether that’s the full 1 week Intensive Training course or whether it’s a bespoke training program that works around your timetable. We appreciate taking time away from family and work is difficult so if we can save you time and money on hotel bills we’ll do whatever we can to help.

The reason why we can offer this flexibility is because we offer all of our courses on a 1 on 1 basis (at not added cost), where I personally train you and you alone. As our business has expanded internationally many of our delegates whose first language isn’t English prefer it if I go at a slower pace so that they don’t get left behind amongst the British delegates. Also culturally styling requirements differ, so when I’m training a delegate individually I really can grasp a better understanding of how I can help launch and grow their business in their home town. Any delegate that studies all the modules with me then has their profile added on to our Style ME Database of stylists and trust me no matter where you come from, once you tell your future clients that you’ve not only trained in London but are part of the Style ME Team, it does wonders for your credentials!

So that’s the work part done, now let’s talk about London! Taking a few days off to train for you new career will be so rewarding, you 100% will feel like you’ve made the best commitment to your future. You’re sending out a message to your friends and family that you’re serious and that there’s no turning back… but studying in London is what will inspire you the most!

With your training taking place within a 5 minutes walk away from Westfield Shopping Centre (the biggest in Europe) and a short tube journey away from Selfridges (voted the best shopping centre in the world year after year) you simply will be surrounded by the best fashion you can find. All of our course modules are 50% theory and 50% practical so don’t blame us afterwards if your luggage home is slightly heavier filled with items that you couldn’t resist purchasing!

London has an amazing energy, you 100% will leave me planning your next trip back, which I of course will encourage all the way. Who knows maybe next time you’ll even return with your own personal styling clients, no matter what though, you’re always welcome here at our Style ME Training Academy.

I’m proud to say we have so many international delegates that come to our academy. From the US to South America to India, Dubai and of course our neighbouring European countries, we’ve welcomed and trained them all.

They come to London primarily because their country of residence simply doesn’t offer all of the training modules that we cover here at Style ME Training at an affordable price. Imagine the frustration they’ve finally realisedW they want to become a Personal Stylist but simply can’t find any nearby Academies to train them.
Instead of giving up, they take the first step to actually achieving their dream and that is ‘Googleing’ international training academies. For some reason London always seems to excite them and why wouldn’t it? It’s a safe country, it’s English speaking and let’s not forget the obvious; London is the fashion capital of the world. Why wouldn’t they want to train here?

So now they’ve decided on London, it’s all about finding the right academy for them and the feedback I receive is always something along the line of: “your academy offered everything I could possibly want to learn about personal styling from women’s wear, to mens styling to colour analysis all within one week, at an affordable price and you offered ongoing mentoring once I returned back to my home country”.

When we set up the Intensive Training course we never realised how many international delegates it would attract. I’m really proud of all the international women I’ve had the pleasure to train not only for making a success of their businesses but for their determination to learn this skillset. It’s not easy being away from home, away from their families and finding the additional funds for flights and accommodation. Maybe it’s because they have put so much on the line by making this journey that they are even more committed once they go home to be a success, as they now have the added pressure from friends and family who are all too aware of the new career their embarking on.

The week with me is intense but unlike so many other companies out there it’s personable. At the end of the week we do a one on one business planning session, this to me is really is our point of difference. Personal styling requirements and opportunities vary from town to town and even more so from country to country, therefore when I hone in on the potential for that delegate I offer a new perspective that they may not have yet visualized on how their business should be run and with the ongoing mentoring I’m available to guide them every step of the way be it via Skype or What’sApp.

Let’s not forget this delegate will now be added to our database of delegates around the world so if for I have for example a Portuguese personal styling client here in London, I would put her in touch with my Style ME stylist based in Portugal for any additional styling help she may need in Portugal, so there’s always new business to be won and no one is ever disappointed with that J

Please do get in touch if you are abroad, wanting to train here in London.