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Style ME Training

The one thing no one can accuse us of at Style ME Training is not understanding our customer. When we launched our training academy in 2012 we wanted to offer our courses as short courses for busy women who could book in a day or two at a time and learn Personal Styling at their own pace.

After two successful years teaching this model, we soon found that our customers wanted more intense training, learning everything there is to get started as a stylists and run a successful business so we introduced our 5 day Intensive course…but there was still an appetite for something more!

Being able to reach an international audience with our sleek new website, we found ourselves inundated with enquiries from delegates who were looking for the ‘complete knowledge’ but our 5 day Intensive just didn’t fit into their schedule on their visit to London….they still needed to make time for shopping and seeing the sights!


So we wracked our brains and thought about what we could offer that will:

  1. a) Get our delegate working with ALL the key skills we teach at the Academy that will earn them a great salary and…
  2. b) Get our delegate trained quickly and efficiently and STILL be able to offer our popular mentoring post training.


This is how the ‘Essential Skills’ training course came about and we are delighted with what is now our most popular course as it teaches ALL the skills you need to operate a lucrative styling business and it can all be learnt in only 3 days.

One thing we have seen in the past 4 years at the Academy is that anyone who books in just to do either the Colour Analysis course or Personal Shopping course always ends up back with us as they see the opportunity to link all the other services once they get a client. By starting with colour analysis, you quickly identify what colours are missing in your client’s wardrobes so you offer a wardrobe styling session. From there you identify their body shape and again you see what pieces are missing in their capsule wardrobe so you offer personal shopping. Each client is taken on a styling journey and at every stage you are able to charge for your services. This system alone will guarantee huge marketing opportunities and the up selling and referrals happen all the while.


The Essential Skills course has been 100% designed with our delegates in mind and ticks all the boxes when considering some of the challenges our delegates face when booking one of our courses:


We know some of you feel intimidated in a group environment and everyone learns at his or her own pace, which is why the Essential Skills course is taught on a one-to-one basis.

– We know that your lives are busy and getting time off work or arranging childcare can be really tough, which is why this course can not only be taught during the week, but we can also teach you over the weekend…we plan around you!

– We know that the course cost of £999 is fantastic value, but you cannot always access money when there are bills to be paid, which is why you can opt to pay for the course in three consecutive payments of £333 over 3 months…and trust us when we tell you you’ll be paying back your training from happy clients in no time!


We are really proud of our achievements at Style ME Training but the thing we are most proud of is seeing our delegates leave our Academy and start working as Personal Stylists straight away. When they give us a call to say they have booked in their first client, we get straight to work and help build their confidence and offer our expertise in helping them establish their client base.


Just by offering the 3 Services in Colour Analysis, Wardrobe Styling and Personal Shopping, our stylists leave with SO MANY business opportunities to make their business a huge success and we love hearing how they are smashing their targets and gaining client leads at every opportunity!


So if you’re sitting down, reading this and feeling excited about the prospect of doing a part-time job that earns you a fabulous extra income OR you’re ready to make a significant income as a full-time stylist then Style ME’s Essential Skills 3 day course is the perfect choice for you!


3 Day Essential Training Course