Personal Shopping Trips for Mums

Personal Shopping Trips for Mums

Imagine this… you’ve dropped the kids off to school, nursery or the babysitter and you’re making your way to meet your Style ME Personal Stylist. Yes for the next 4 hours this is ‘your’ time, where you are number 1, no one’s asking you to do anything for them, no one’s crying for your attention instead some lovely lady is going to style you to perfection… or so she promises…

As excited as you are there is probably another part of you that is full of nerves and doubt… “Will she really be able to find me clothes that fit?” “What if we don’t find anything?” or “Oh God I really hope we don’t go over budget!” “Maybe I should have waited until I’ve lost some more weight and saved some more money” “Maybe I should just cancel the day”… “Oh dear too late, there she is….”

This is a typical scenario that every mum we style says she feels on her journey to meet us. But they needn’t worry as every one of our stylists has been trained to deal with the anticipation their client feels. It’s our job to not only find you clothes perfect for your shape and colouring but to make you feel totally at ease, as we know it’s only when we’ve built that trust that the right clothes for you will magically appear.

How do we build that trust? We build it by 100% understanding your lifestyle and budget and not judging you for it. Whether your still pregnant or it’s been 7 years since you’ve given birth and still haven’t managed to shift the baby weight we have the skillset to make you look and most importantly feel amazing. Prior to the shopping trip we would have definitely met even if it were just for a coffee to find out your needs, we would then research your brief so there are no glitches on the day! The fact that we’ve taken the time to research your brief is what surprises the mums the most and they are usually taken aback that someone would show so much interest in them, as they are so used to doing the giving rather than the receiving! By the time we’ve had the celebratory drink at the end of the session, it’s the mum clients that are usually the most grateful for the experience.

Some mothers however no matter how much they’d love to have a few hours away simply can’t get way: breastfeeding duties, lack of child care or are simply being too far into their pregnancy to get to the shops. They needn’t worry we at Style ME offer a ‘Shop and Deliver’ service where once we’ve met and understood your brief we can effortless shop on your behalf because we have a unique formula that let’s us shop without you and trust me it has never let anyone down! We at Style ME tailor make all of our services to suit our customer even if that means shopping together online!

We pride ourselves on accommodating any woman at any stage of motherhood so if you know of any mother who would love a helping hand in her styling dilemmas and some much needed TLC why not treat her to one of our styling packages or gift vouchers. It’s one of the most thoughtful and unique gifts and even though she probably won’t ask for it, it’s the one gift that can change how she feels about herself in an instant.


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