Style ME Training
Style ME Training

What’s the one thing delegates FEAR the most whilst on for the 5-day Intensive Train to be a Personal Stylist Course? Real Client Practice!

Wait…What’s the one thing delegates LOVE the most during their week’s training? Real Client Practice!

At the beginning of the week, the mere thought of styling a complete stranger, by themselves, within only a few days fills them with dread:

  • “How will I know what to put them in?”
  • “What if nothing fits them?”
  • “What if they don’t like my suggestions?”

Yes, these are all valid concerns, but the course has deliberately been designed this way. By making you style your first client in that crucial week, is 100% necessary to take the fear out of styling when you go back to your normal lives.

We would never make you do something we didn’t believe you were capable of. By learning how to dress the shapes, how to conduct a Personal shopping service and having lots of theoretical practice throughout the week we have complete faith in your ability (even if you don’t).

Let’s face it, you can theoretically learn how to do anything but until you physically do it, it’s just in your mind. You have to feel it, not just imagine it. You can’t say for example: “I know how to drive a car” by only ever doing your theory exam right? That would be ridiculous, so the same thing goes for Personal Styling.

And fear not, this ‘Real’ Style ME client knows that you are a trainee and will be gentle with you, I promise! 9/10 times their feedback is amazing and it’s when you get the feedback that they would have actually paid for your services, that you begin to feel really good! This is when you get the validation that you really are on the right path.

It shows you how far you have come in your journey, and it starts the momentum: you’re an actual Personal Stylist now, whose had her first real client, and you’ll be buzzing telling your friends and family just how alive the whole experience made you feel.

Nisha x