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Style ME Training

If you work or own a bridal boutique the one thing you can be absolutely certain about is that your customer is looking for is the perfect dress for her big day; a dress that will fit like a glove and one she will look absolutely stunning in, no matter what her style.

As a personal stylist I have had privilege to style so many brides, from helping them choose that all-important dress to getting them their honeymoon capsule wardrobe. You might think it’s a little self indulgent hiring a personal stylist for their wedding shopping but so many women do and it’s not always the obviously well to do women. This is the one time the bride wants to get her look absolutely right and it’s probably one of the only times she feels entitled to shop without feeling guilty, she is the bride after all!

When I first meet the bride, prior to the shop I always insist on doing her colours. Because I want her to wear her perfect white; the white that will compliment her eyes, skin tone and hair colour, making her radiate on her big day. By doing her colours I know exactly which of the 4 whites to choose: brilliant white, off white, ivory or cream. Which in return saves us time and hassle when we go to the bridal stores as I simply won’t let her try on a dress (no matter how much she likes it) if it’s in her wrong white which results in us arriving at the  “this is the one” moment in half the time…

When we shop for bridal wear we usually visit at least 2 or 3 stores and the customer service we receive is generally excellent but I’m well aware just how competitive the bridal market is, so if you are looking for new ways to close the sale with your customer before she runs off and buys a dress from another store you should really consider offering mini colour analysis sessions to work out what her right white is.

Our Style ME stylists have worked with several stores around the country offering mini colour analysis and body shape consultations to their customers, this obviously adds to the whole customer experience which evidently results in customer loyalty, especially if you offer it to the rest of the bridal party (why go elsewhere when you’re having so much fun?)

With amazing tailoring services that you all offer the bride knows you can make any dress fit her perfectly but steering her in the direction of dresses that actually suits her body type will get you closer to the right dress in half the time. This is what us Personal Stylists are trained to do…

Trying on a wedding dress although fun is also tiring and not to mention an emotional experience so if you want to avoid Bridezilla why not train your staff to be Fairy God Mothers giving your customer her Cinderella moment instead; cut out the stress, save time and only show her dresses that are perfect for her complexion that accentuates her assets dressing her to perfection.


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