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Style ME Training

Summer is the time of year when we’re all supposed to be showing off our well-toned and tanned legs right? Yes! Even more so on a hot summer night out, I can hear you say! But what if you’ve got a client who doesn’t like her legs, are you supposed to force her into liking them and convince her there’s nothing wrong with them? Well the answer is no…

In the world of Personal styling you will find there are those very few women who seriously have nothing wrong with them but are so self critical that they simply won’t show off their bodies and unfortunately no amount of praise or encouragement will convince them otherwise but more often than not a woman’s concerns about her heavier legs or love handles for example are usually justified.

At Style ME Training all of our delegates are trained on how to approach these scenarios without offending a client or straight out lying to them that their heavier thighs will in fact look great in a mini skirt. The key for any Personal Stylist is to build their client’s trust and you can’t do that by being fake or people pleasing; you simply must be real.

The amazing thing we know about each of the 6 body shapes that every woman (and man) can identify with, is that they ALL have their individual Assets and Flaws. The key to styling them is to draw attention to their assets and not focus on their flaws; it’s as simple as that.

Take for example the Triangle, who has a heavier bottom half and narrower slimmer frame on top, by simply wearing a long wide legged jumpsuit with a pair of extra high heels we can instantly elongate her legs but alongside that we must draw the attention to her assets, which are her lovely slender arms and shoulders.  A jumpsuit with perhaps an off the shoulder detailing will work wonders as she will not only look like a slimmer version of herself her but her sexy shoulders will be the envy of every busty woman who simply can’t leave the house without an extra supportive bra. The effect of choosing this client a jumpsuit that flatters her to perfection for a summers night out will be amazing for her confidence, she’ll not only look sensational but she’ll also stand out from the crowd of women all wearing dresses… Who can forget how incredible Kendal Jenner looked at this year’s Met Gala wearing that off the shoulder white jumpsuit whilst every other celebrity wore a dress?

What our delegates learn on their training is how to identify their clients shape and then most importantly guide them to see that every shape has it’s good and bad bits and that no matter what the shape we can create an illusion of the feminine Hourglass frame with the right choice of clothes and contrary to belief NOT the other way around. What so many stylists get wrong is that they put on an Hourglass dress on a person that isn’t an Hourglass with the hope that the dress will create the illusion of one! Unfortunately that NEVER is the case all that the client ends up looking is bigger and feeling self conscious and uncomfortable.

If you want to learn this amazing technique please don’t hesitate to get in touch.