At our Academy we meet so many different types of delegates from all kinds of backgrounds: different ages, different career backgrounds as well as different cultures and although I’m excited to meet and train them all there’s one kind that even I’m a little intimidated by. Who is it? It’s the Teacher/ Trainer! Why? Because as you’ll all get to find out when you meet me on day one of the training is that I haven’t got a training background nor do I come from a fashion background. I instead have a maths degree and after years in the corporate world I took the plunge to set up my own business as a Personal Stylist and despite spending thousands on my training the most useful training I received was actually on the job, when I threw myself into the deep end!

The Style ME Training Academy was launched when I was training my best friend Mary Ann to follow the same career as me in her hometown Bedford. Whilst I was passionately passing on all my knowledge to her, she had the brainwave to create the Academy. She said she was glued to my every last word and was just soaking in all the information and 100% believed that I could train other women besides her on how to launch their dream career as a stylist. Initially I resisted of course, I had a deep routed fear of public speaking which although I had overcome in my corporate days, public speaking/training wasn’t something I was particularly excited to revisit but the rest as they say is history and now having trained over 500 women (and some men) I couldn’t be happier whilst training and seeing the penny drop with all my delegates.

The way the training has been designed is via a formula that combines personal shopping, colour analysis and wardrobe styling, all within a 3-step program, with the aim to create balance for every client no matter what their shape, size, age or lifestyle. There’s equal amount’s of theory and practice each day and although there are notes and handouts no large manual is provided and that is on purpose. The course has been designed that way. I have 100% faith that the knowledge will sink in in the right way provided they listen to my delivery rather than immerse themselves in lots of literature!

After styling hundreds of clients it’s my experience that I’m passing on and that’s what I passionately teach. I know everyone learns differently so my advice to anyone that attends the training is to trust me, it might take you longer learning one module rather than another but you will get there and it’s my job as your trainer to make sure you do! But learning the skills isn’t all there is to it you must practice practice and then practice some more until styling becomes second nature.

Having said that it’s always fantastic to get feedback from teachers and trainers that attend my training saying the style of the training from my delivery to the notes is simply excellent. Maybe it’s because I‘m a fantastic trainer or maybe it’s because I’m so passionate in helping delegates achieve their goals but everyone always leaves excited about their new career rearing to go! If I give 100% to my delegates I expect the same from them, so although we’re both shattered by the end of the day, we both know the effort we’ve put in is the start of something amazing!