Style ME Training
Style ME Training

This time exactly a year ago I was at the amazing Date With Destiny, Tony Robbins Event in Florida. It was an incredible experience and 5 days of pure immersion. Tony Robbins in my opinion is hands down the best motivational speaker/coach and trainer. His style of training is intense, in that he chooses random people from his 5000+ audience and invites them to open up and share, whilst he psychoanalyses them, challenging their beliefs in order reframe them.

Being part of the audience as he hunts for his next recipient/victim is scary. You secretly want him to pick you but are so relieved when he doesn’t; being broken down by him in front of 5000 people is not for the fainthearted.

Having a one-to-one session with him would be a completely story though. You wouldn’t mind getting things wrong or being challenged if there was just the two of you in the room; as there’d be no judgement from an audience. Just imagine how amazing it would be to have his undivided attention to help you achieve your goals. Sadly a £1m price-tag for one-to-one coaching with Tony Robbins isn’t on the radar for me!

But one-to-one training can be on the radar for any of my delegates with ME, for any of my courses, with no additional cost. The contents of the course are exactly the same but I tailor the style according to what I feel will benefit you the most. Some people need more time to grasp things, others need me to challenge them at a faster harder pace, it’s my intuition that builds the trust between us and helps you grow without fear and intimidation.

Because there’s only two of us in the room (be it face to face or virtually) there’s zero group inferiority either, i.e., there’s not one to compare yourself to. Comparing yourself to others in a group can bring out the worst in you and actually distract you from learning.

The best part of doing your training as a one-to-one is the flexibility it offers. You may need to start or finish earlier; you may want to condense 3 days trainining into 2 days or you may even need to part of the course virtually. Because we’re doing it as a one-to-one you haven’t got to worry about the others in the group. This relaxed approach is what makes all the difference especially for all the mums out there and my delegates that aren’t London based.

If I had the choice to have my trainer/mentor all to myself, I would grab the opportunity, unlike Tony Robbins though, I promise I won’t bite.

To be in his audience isn’t cheap though and if you multiply the $4k (entry price) price tag by the 5,000 attendees you can only imagine what he charges for one-to-one coaching!