Style ME Training
Style ME Training

Hands down the most important skill every good Personal Stylist needs is to know is how to correctly define their clients body shape. I’m highlighting correctly because so many people get it wrong. I can’t tell you the number of women I’ve met who have been told by other Personal Stylists they have a particular shape, when it’s glaringly obvious to me they have a different shape altogether. I can understand people self-diagnosing incorrectly but there’s no excuse for Personal Stylists!

Let me set the scene, imagine you define your client as an Hourglass, you then either go around the store selecting items perfect for the Hourglass shape, or worse if you are virtually styling her she orders them online. She excitedly looks forward to trying the items on either in the fitting room or at home, Imaging how good she’s going to look and feel…

Only when she tries them on, they look terrible, they don’t flatter her assets, instead they just draw attention to her flaws. Now this is embarrassing for you the stylist, who’s expert knowledge she’s paying for. Now the trust has been broken; with each item she tries on, the frustration grows, and you start to panic, all this simply because you incorrectly defined her shape.

Do you see, more important than knowing how to dress the shapes, is knowing how to define them? Luckily, on our training courses within the first two hours I teach you a fool proof formula to work out exactly how to work them out. It only takes a few minutes, and you definitely won’t need a measuring tape, or a photo of your client in her underwear. It’s not complicated but it is an essential skill that so many stylists just don’t get taught correctly.

This week I’ve been training my lovely delegate who has just spent £5000 (yes £5000) on an online train to be a Personal Stylist course alongside the Style ME Training course (just in case she missed anything) and she was shocked, saying “I’ve learnt more in 2 hours with you, than 2 months of my other training.” Now that’s shocking!

Remember, training is essential, but it doesn’t have to be expensive or take months, you just need to find the right training that will teach you everything you need to know and won’t ever let you down.

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