Style ME Training
Style ME Training

What a year has this been for the Retail industry!? No one could ever have predicted a time where shops would be closed for lockdowns or worse that when they opened again, for safety reasons we wouldn’t even be able to try clothes and shoes on. Depressing for all of us who love to shop and even more depressing for all the new aspiring Personal Stylists I’d only recently trained, who were raring to get started in their new-found careers as Personal Shoppers/Stylists.

Being their ongoing mentor, I could feel the panic in their voices when the severity of Covid 19 became real. Had they all just wasted their money training for a career/business that they couldn’t even launch? Would people ever need the services of a personal stylist again?

Being a mentor to my delegates isn’t just about teaching them the skills; more often than not it’s about keeping their moral up and motivating them in slower times. Firstly, I had to teach them to adapt: This period had to become perfect time for them to practice, practice and practice some more on all the theory they’d learnt; building their confidence behind the scenes. Secondly I had to show them the silver lining: Just because shops were closed, it didn’t put a stop on Colour Analysis and Wardrobe Analysis sessions they could all carry out in this interim period.

Deep down I was never worried for my delegates and I’m still not because I strongly believe when this all ends and shops and retailing goes back to normal, Retail is going to see a massive surge. It will be like post war times, people will want to shop, dress up and go out, we’re all already sick of wearing leggings and staying in! I myself can’t to get back into my heels! People might have to reduce their spending budgets and start shopping at cheaper brands but they will most definitely want to shop and make up for lost time!

Last week we all rejoiced at the news that the vaccines are near, so surely a more stylish future is imminent? Now really couldn’t be a better time to train to become a Personal Stylist, to get all the practice is because our services are without doubt going to be needed very soon.

For anyone sitting on the fence about joining our training courses or becoming a Personal Stylist, get in touch for a chat with me if you need any questions answered or any motivation!

Nisha x