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Style ME Training

When I was making the decision all those years ago to give up my career at Disney and go self-employed as a Personal Stylist one of the biggest questions I had to ask myself was: am I ready to work alone? Although I didn’t love everybody in my immediate team I was still part of bigger organization and within that I had a few very close friends; people who I would go to lunch with, grab a drink with after work and more importantly people who would without fail check in on me every day. It’s fair to say I’m a people’s person aka a social butterfly and thrive on chattering throughout the day. So the thought of being in my own company for the whole day (until my business flourished) was a little daunting to say the least!

In the end my desire to work for myself and not have a boss or big brother looking over me over-ridded any fears of self-employment and the rest as they say is history. When I did eventually leave surprisingly working on my own wasn’t the hard part, the hardest thing was that for the first time in my career I personally was totally accountable for my actions, which opened up a whole new set of fears. From creating my website, to working on my elevator pitch, to cold calling companies I was open for direct criticism and rejection something that when you work in a team you can protect your ego from generally by blaming any failings on someone else or another team. Of course I persevered, got thicker skin and practiced, practiced and practiced some more to build my confidence in not only personal styling but marketing and self-motivation too.

I speak to so many women prior to them coming to the Academy and for many I can sense their fear of going it alone, especially the women who are making the leap in their late 30’s and 40’s and it’s for these women I’m writing this blog. Firstly to say if they come via the Style ME Training Academy they are never really alone, as I’m always on the other end of the phone, be it for a friendly chat or for that added motivation that is so often needed. Secondly to potentially ask themselves is there anybody else in their life they would love to go into business with?

Personal Styling although a wonderful career isn’t for everyone so it might be hard to find a best buddy who wants to give up her existing career and set up a personal styling agency with you but perhaps you have a friend in Marketing, PR, Coaching or Beauty for example who is also thinking of setting up alone, have you considered setting up a business together? You’d both have different skill sets but the same objective to be a financial success so would accumulate joint funds to invest into the business and motivate each other.

Or you may have someone else in your life that would love to be a Personal Stylist but for a totally different market or age group. Take the mother and daughter example. I honestly don’t think you could have a more trusting and motivating relationship than that! Setting up as a mother and daughter styling duo you would have the comfort of working together without being in each other’s space (as your client base would be for a totally different age group) and you would both potentially bring a completely different skillsets to the table!

So if there are more than one of you please do get in touch and we can create a bespoke training program for you, tailored to your needs and together we’ll come up with a master plan to launch your business and ensure your success!