Train to be a Colour Analyst and watch your client base grow!

Train to be a Colour Analyst and watch your client base grow!

You’ll always remember your first clients. I was trying so hard to make a great first impression I seem to remember every feeling; the nerves I felt during that first meeting, to the panic I felt that I wouldn’t find them the right clothes during the personal shopping trip, to the acceleration I felt when they showered me with praise during the end of session glass of wine where they’d promised me they’d be recommending me to all their friends and family, to the slight disappointment I felt when the queue of recommendations didn’t follow.

It wasn’t long before I noticed a trend. The recommendations did eventually come but it was never from my client’s extended circles of friends and colleagues. Instead it was generally the husband/boyfriend (that is why training to be a menswear stylist will guarantee you more business) and the mum and sister. When I asked my clients (many of them who ended up as good friends) how comes they hadn’t told everyone about me, the response was always the same… “I want you to myself!” (Flattering but not great for business) or “I was too embarrassed to tell them they needed your help”.

Understandably I too found myself in the same predicament. I would meet terribly dressed women and when I told them I was a stylist they would panic as to say “don’t judge me on how I look, which would lead me to panic and I would over compensate by complimenting their amazing hair or even teeth to deflect from their bad sense of style!

That is when I changed my strategy and began to focus on Colour Analysis! Who wouldn’t want to know what their most flattering colours are? Who wouldn’t want to know which colours make them look younger, more radiant and which colours will make them stand out for all the right reasons? The best part is: how can suggesting colour analysis to friends and colleagues possibly offend them? When your client start to look amazing due to her new choice of colours, be it even by wearing the perfect red lipstick you recommended during the session, their extended circle literally will be begging for your number!

Colour Analysis is a game changer for both your clients who will learn to look their best all of the time and for you to grow your business. With people constantly looking for unique gift ideas for friends, colleagues and family a colour analysis session is always well received! You may drop your pricing for a colour analysis session but know once they meet you and trust you; upselling to your other services such as wardrobe styling and personal shopping is a breeze.

I’ve even seen well established make up artists come to the colour analysis training, looking at it as an add on to their services but later tell me they get more business focusing on being a colour analyst and their make up business is secondary!

When you start spreading the message that the right colours can:

  • Even out skin tone.
  • Diminish lines, blemishes and dark circles.
  • Help the complexion to look more radiant.
  • Bring definition to the features.
  • Impart a general look of well being”
  • Your customer base will keep on growing!

“My friends bought me a colour analysis session for my fortieth birthday and it was quite simply the best present ever! We spent a wonderful session with Nisha who was so passionate and kind that she made it an absolute joy. The session was a total revelation as to what a difference it made to how you look and how you feel! I would recommend this to absolutely anyone, I just wish I had had it done years ago and saved myself thousands of pounds in fashion mismatches! Tried it out the very next day selecting the yummy green from the Summer palette and the first person to see me said wow you look amazing and I nearly laughed as I could hear Nisha’s voice saying that’s the reaction you want “you look amazing as opposed to what a lovely blouse! Thank you so much for a wonderful afternoon.” Gilles Davis

“A friend bought me a colour session for my birthday and it was a great present! I was surprised what a different wearing the right colours made to how I look. Nisha made us feel really relaxed and comfortable and I walked away with priceless insight- how to make myself look great forever, totally worth it!” Lucy Pearson

“Nisha was brilliant and made our friends 30th birthday really informative and fun. We learnt so much and I would highly recommend the session” Emma Wilson

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Style ME Training offer Colour Analysis training either as a:

  • 1-day individual training module.
  • Part of their 3 day Essential Training course.
  • Part of the 5 day Intensive Training course.