Style ME Training
Style ME Training

Hopefully the message is now loud and clear that Dressing Your Shape is the easiest and most effective way to looking great and believe me when I say this there’s no better service than a Wardrobe Styling session, that takes place in the comfort and privacy of your own home to teach you the rules on how to dress your best.

However, I think there’s a bit of confusion as to what actually takes place during a Wardrobe Styling session, so I thought I should clear up any misconceptions. Firstly, none of our Style ME stylists will arrive at your door with black bags and bully you into throwing away your favourite shapeless jumper with their arms in the air, yelling, “what were you thinking?” (As Trinny and Susannah would) nor will we strip you down to your underwear, offer you a spray tan and a hug, telling you that you and your clothes are fabulous just the way you are (as Gok would!) and no unfortunately we most definitely won’t be ironing your existing items and folding them neatly away (you’d be surprised at what some people expect!)

Joking aside, the most important thing your stylist will firstly do, is get to know all about you, your lifestyle and your preferences. This is then followed by a shape consultation to define your body shape and show you your assets (yes we all have them!) This not only gives us a good overview as to what styling dilemmas you may have but also builds your trust in us, ensuring you by the time we reach your wardrobe you’re relaxed and at ease!

No matter how big or small your wardrobe is, the same rule nearly always applies, the 80/20 rule! Are you (be honest) wearing 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time? If you answered ‘no’ you probably don’t need a Wardrobe Styling session and should become a Personal Stylist instead! Our job is to work through your wardrobe with an unbiased eye; explaining why that 20% is working, why that 80% is probably being disregarded; showing you how to put certain looks together, recommending clothes that can be altered and subtly telling you which clothes it’s finally time to let go of. Of course we will absolutely advise you on what key items are missing in your ‘Capsule Wardrobe’ perfect for your shape, your colouring (if you’ve had your colours done), your lifestyle and your budget!

I can guarantee that your Style ME stylist will teach you key rules on how to dress for your shape, so going forward you’ll know exactly what to avoid but you’ll probably feel like you’ve gained a new best friend and the perfect companion to go shopping with who you most definitely will want to see again!

If you’d love a fresh pair of eyes on your wardrobe why not give Style ME a call or if you feel you have what it takes to become a Wardrobe Stylist why not come to our next Train to be a Personal Stylist course.