Style ME Training
Style ME Training

This has to be the number one question we are asked by anyone interested in finding out whether they have what it takes to be a great Personal Stylist.

We’ve met so many delegates over the years and we have seen so many different women from all walks of life start their journey as a Personal Stylist.

When we think about the most successful stylists that have come through the academy, we think it comes down to having these three key skills:

A love for all things to do with fashion and shopping.

Whilst you don’t have to be a fashionista who pores over every new collection and fashion magazine, you do have to love shopping online and seeing what’s out there in the stores. You are probably already someone who loves shopping online to see what the trends are and what colours are really making a seasonal statement, but as a trained Personal Stylist your new way of thinking would be “Which body shape would look best in this….” And “Ok yolk yellow is big this season, this is a great look for my Autumn client”.
As a Personal Stylist a good portion of your time is going to be checking out what is out there for your clients so we definitely say you have to love shopping as you’ll constantly be either online checking in on the brands within your clients budget or in the stores making sure they have what you need for a successful personal shopping trip.

Be a people person.

We cannot stress the importance of this one. You could be the most stylish person in your social group and get compliments all day on your personal style but as much as that is important to be a walking advert for your business, your clients are only going to want to do business with you if you make them feel good about themselves.
Think about it, if you’ve had a call from a client, chances are that they’re not feeling too good about themselves at the moment. Maybe they’ve put on weight and none of their clothes fit? Maybe they are going back to work after a long break and feel their wardrobe is out of date? Maybe they have just come out of a messy divorce and want to reinvent themselves with a whole new look?
What we’re saying is, you are going to have to be someone who can show empathy and understanding with whatever you are faced with and being responsible for someone else’s confidence is hugely empowering but you have to like people to begin with as this job is all about helping others.

Be self-motivated.

So imagine, you’ve spent a whole week training with Style ME studying our Intensive Personal Styling course , immersing yourself in the world of Personal Styling. You understand everything from Men’s Styling, Personal Shopping, Colour Analysis and Wardrobe Styling. You’ve styled your first client and loved it and you’re now a Style ME Stylist on our directory and you have a gorgeous profile photo and as far as you know, there are no other stylists in your area and you know so many people that could use your services.
Then… the phone does not ring and when we call you to check in during your mentoring phase you tell us that you’re not getting any clients.
So what has gone wrong?
Being self-motivated is the number one factor that is going to make or break your success as a Personal Stylist. Unless you are prepared to ‘put yourself out there’ you are not going to create the business you worked so hard to learn.

The great thing is about training with Style Me is we will be there to help you every step of the way. Remember, we’ve helped launch hundreds of careers with our training and we realised pretty early on that the key to helping our delegates be truly successful is by holding their hand post training and offering mentoring…but you have to work with us and create your business plan so we can help you not only achieve but smash your goals to have a really successful career as a Personal Stylist.

Your success is our success.

Still got questions about whether a career as a Personal Stylist is for you?

Get in touch and we’ll happy tell you all about a day in the life of a Personal Stylist.