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Style Me Training Academy

Did you know that there’s a right yellow for everyone? It’s one of the few colours everyone can wear but it’s strangely the one colour that most women avoid. During my colour analysis sessions and in the colour analysis training I always ask: “how do you feel about yellow?” and the response almost always relates to the client’s childhood: “my mum says it doesn’t suit me or I had a yellow jumper when I was younger that I hated.” The funniest thing is the women who say this are usually blonde and then once I point it out to them they have yellow hair they smile realising that yellow doesn’t look so bad on them after all!

The key, as always is to work out what your right shade of yellow is and only wear that. Until then any prejudice is totally warrant; put on an ‘autumn’ yellow which is mustard on a cool under-toned woman and she will indeed look ill, jaundice almost but put on mustard on an ‘autumn’ and she’ll instantly add some much needed vibrancy to her traditionally earthy palette. There’s a world of difference in each of the yellows: lemon, golden yellow, orangey yellow, mustard and even a bumblebee yellow. Add a statement shoe or bag in your right yellow to a relatively safe outfit and you’ve instantly added some charisma to your look but put on the wrong yellow and you’ll be wanting to remove the item as soon as you put it on…

So when is it crucial to know what your right yellow is? When you’re dyeing your hair blonde of course! Contrary to belief everyone can go blonde but go the wrong blonde and you’ll be looking to pull your hair off your face into a bun asap but the right blonde will bring out your features, creating you a radiant youthful complexion almost instantly.

During our ‘train to be a colour analyst’ training course/module you will learn exactly how to advise what the right blonde is for your client, should she go ash blond, golden blond or even platinum blond? The drapes do all the talking as we say, you the colour analyst will just be the facilitator to guide her in the right direction, straight to her hairdresser with the confidence to not only go blonde but armed with the knowledge on exactly what shade she should go. It all depends on the undertone of her skin, is she cool or warm? This is the priceless information that makes all the difference saving both her and her hairdresser precious time and money.

At our training academy we train so many hairdressers on colour analysis and more often than not are shocked that they never got taught colour analysis in the traditional way with drapes to work out a client’s undertone. Post training if they do a colour

analysis session on their client prior to dyeing their hair it removes any guesswork/ anxiety as to whether or not a colour will actually suit them or not and instead they can confidently apply a colour knowing it’s going to look incredible… this is what wins them loyalty and recommendations saving them the frustration of ever having to do re-dyes again and instead letting their newly blonde client get out there and have more fun!

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