Style ME Training
Style ME Training

Do you own a boutique? do you do the buying for your store? Well, I don’t need to tell you, times are tough out there, with customers getting used and even preferring to shop online, you really have to give them a reason to buy from you. A boutique can look amazing and have a wonderful ambience, and it and can even be filled with beautiful items but that isn’t necessarily going to get you the sales you need.

What you need is, is stock that will flatter your clients body shape. Trends are pretty out there at the moment, bright colours, bold prints, spaghetti straps, crop tops, peep holes, micro minis, all clothes that look fab on the hanger but not so great on anyone who may be carrying extra weight on their tummy, thighs and upper arms!

Buying is a tricky job; it’s a fine balance of choosing clothes that show you’re on trend but also choosing clothes that are wearable for your customers. This is where training on how to recognise your customer’s body shape and then, how to dress their shape will do wonders for your business.

The sales assistant should have this knowledge, so that when a customer is looking for an outfit, she can advise on exactly what will suit her frame but more importantly if she trying on a style that doesn’t work she should quickly be able to show her customer an alternative item that will flatter her to perfection.

But what could be worse than not having that alternative stock in the stores in the first place, so the responsibility really does lie with the buyer. Fortunately most boutique owners are both the buyer and the sales assistant, so only one person needs to be trained on the skillset of all good Personal Stylists.

Our Essential 3 Day train to be a Personal Stylist course is perfect for anyone in retail, be it a buyer or a sales assistant or even a window dresser to develop their skillset to really understand their customers needs.

Nisha x