Since lockdown has ended, I’ve had a great time training women who already have a business who want to add Personal Styling as an extension to their business. I’ve trained beauticians, hairdressers, seamstresses and most recently a few Interior Designers.

Interior designers of course have an eye for things; how to create balance in a room, how to add a statement piece as a feature in a room, how to draw attention to and from certain areas and of course how to combine colours and textures together. It’s the same skillset a Personal Stylist has, only a personal stylist’s subject is the body or the face, whilst the interior designer’s is a house or a room!

When an interior designer does their job well, what they earn tenfold is trust from their client. That client will surely go ahead and recommend their services to their friends and family, but sadly until they renovate their house again (which could be years) they probably won’t require their services again. And this is where the potential to upsell to other services comes in, particularly Personal Styling.

The client will presume that creative flair is a transferable skill, so suggesting a Colour Analysis service will be music to their ears. Once you’ve shown them their most flattering colour palette, they no doubt will ask for a Wardrobe edit, which 9 out of 10 times leads to a Personal Shopping trip. The biggest goal for every Personal Stylist is to build trust with their client, so if that trust is already there, it’s a win win situation.

Although the skills are transferable, you of course do need training, and our 3-day Essential Train to be a Personal Stylist course has been designed for people who just need the essential skills training: Colour Analysis, Wardrobe Styling and Personal Shopping without the additional business planning or mentoring modules.

3 Day Essential Training Course

Nisha x