When you become a Personal Stylist, you’ll soon realise what connotations the Hourglass frame holds for your clients. You’ll see them beam with pride if you tell them that’s their body shape or you’ll see the disappointment all over their face when you advise them otherwise. The Hourglass really seems to be the trophy shape. Is it because it considered sexy and desirable with feminine icons from Marilyn Monroe to even Jessica Rabbit having subconsciously lured us in?

The Hourglass frame is the ideal shape but not only because of its sex appeal, its idyllic because its feminine and balanced. A balanced frame is what good Personal Stylists aim to create for their clients, so the fact the Hourglass already is, makes them easier to style. They wear the same size top and bottom, which means dresses fit comfortably, jackets can be buttoned up without the need for alterations.

But don’t be fooled, just because they are balanced it doesn’t mean they can wear anything they want, often its quite the opposite. With curves equally spread around their body, they can look much bigger than they are with the wrong style of clothing, so they often end up being our most popular client shape to style.

On our Training courses you will be taught Style ME’s unique formula to create the illusion of the Hourglass frame for each of the shapes. So, you won’t be afraid to disappoint your clients, instead you’ll be offering them solutions on how to create a balanced feminine frame regardless of their existing shape.

If you want to learn Style ME’s formula that promises to never let you down and promises to create a feminine balanced frame for any woman of any size or shape book on our Train to be a Personal Stylist course now!

Nisha x