Style ME Training
Style ME Training

From all my years of styling, there’s a big difference between men and women’s desires when it comes to personal styling. Women want to feel attractive, and men want to look distinguished. Let’s face it, there’s nothing that will make a man look more distinguished that the perfect suit. But you just have to look at a man on a train and you will see, so many men get it wrong! This is where a good personal stylist can come to the rescue.

On the Men’s Styling course, you will learn the 5 steps to buying your male client his perfect suit.

  • Step 1: Colour Analysis – A suit isn’t something you buy every day so it has to be in his most flattering colour, through a colour analysis session, you will discover exactly what his investment colour palette is.
  • Step 2: Body Shape Consultation – By working out his body shape, you will know the exact style of blazer, should it be single breasted or double, peak lapels or notch lapels? How wide or tapered should his trousers be? What texture should the suit be? Without knowing his body shape, it’s just trial and error, which can be long process! By taking the lead, you show him styles that will make him stand tall and proud.
  • Step 3: Personal Shopping and buying him a suit to suit his budget, be in Zara or Saville Row, by knowing his colouring and body shape you will be the expert in front of your client and the sales assistant.
  • Step 4: Choosing the right colour of lining, pocket square and tie to compliment his suit is where you’ll get to show off your creative flair, again by knowing how to colour block from your colour analysis training, you’ll dazzle your client with your ideas.
  • Step 5: Choosing the right shirt fit and colour – not all whites are the same and if your client doesn’t suit pastels, what alternative can you give him? The right choice of shirt will make all the difference!

Hopefully you can see, not all suits are made the same, and just because the suit comes in his size it doesn’t mean it’s the right style for him. A man should take pride in buying a suit and if he’s calling you for your services you need to make sure you bring your knowledge and expertise to the process, if you get it right, he’ll not only trust you in the future but will recommend your services to all his peers!