As much as I love ‘Virtual Styling’ I can’t tell you how good it feels Personal Shopping in store again. You always get an adrenaline rush looking for clothes to meet your clients brief and budget, all within a time constraint, all whilst making it look like you’ve got it all under control!

I didn’t realise how much I had missed it but another thing I had totally forgotten about was the magnetic pull of gaining new personal styling clients whist styling your existing client in the fitting room. When your personal styling client comes out of the fitting room with clothes that fit and flatter her perfectly, she is the envy of every other frustrated shopper in the other fitting room cubicles.

I intentionally always make my clients come out to the centre of the fitting room and analyse her outfit (loudly) in front of a main mirror because it’s here that the magic happens. You see what us personal stylists do is explain why that item of clothing is working; how it’s showing off her assets, hiding her flaws and creating that all important slimming balance to her frame.

Put yourself in the shoes of the frustrated shopper in the fitting room, who wants to buy something, but nothing in the of the pile of clothes she has is working! Now she’s eaves dropping into my conversation and peeps her heads out and honestly 9 out of 10 times she’ll either ask for my business card or will tell my client how lucky she is to have me, only to have my client agree with her and encourage her to book me and all I’m doing is my job, doing what I love!

Remember it’s being able to choose the right clothes for any of our clients regardless of their shape and size and then explaining why they work that sets us good personal stylists apart from regular sales assistance, saving our clients time and hassle and creating space in fitting rooms, so what’s no to love? Just remember to not leave home without your business cards!