Style ME Training
Style ME Training

Imagine the scene, you’re getting ready for day 2 of your 1-week Train to be a Personal Stylist course. You’re excited to finally be doing something for yourself, you loved day 1 and you’re looking forward to learning some more today. Only just as you’re about to leave the house the phone rings and it’s your child’s school calling saying your son has been coughing and due to Covid guidelines you must pick him up from school.

Now your husbands at work, none of your friends are free to look after him all day so of course it’s down to you, his mother to put your needs on hold and to collect him from school and keep him at home. Ah the frustration! You’ll now miss a whole day of training, your mind goes into overdrive… Does day 3 follow on from day 2’s content? Can I reschedule the training for next month? Can I get my money back? Have I let down the trainer and the others in my group? All these questions can only lead to panic, right?

Well not if you’ve chosen to train with Style ME Training on a one-to-one basis. This above scenario is exactly what happened to my lovely new delegate Emanuela this week but instead of any extended disappointment all we had to do was reschedule the training. There was no panic just understanding that life happens. With Covid and guidelines constantly changing we all have to be flexible, knowing we are all doing the best we can.

Since Covid I’ve absolutely loved offering the training on a one-to -one basis, it’s felt more personal because I’ve really gotten to know my delegates and in a way I’ve been even more invested in their success; being with one other person for the whole week you really get to understand where they’re coming from and importantly exactly where they want to go.

Nisha x