2020 what an interesting year we had! No one could have predicted this time last year what a year we were all going to have endure…or could we? Being a mathematician, I’m always looking for signs in numbers and if we there was ever a sign in a number it would be evident in 2 0 2 0. Speaking to everyone in my life in 2020 the conversation was always about being stuck; stuck at home, not moving forward in our careers, businesses, relationships, social life. It sucked! To zero to zero (2 0 2 0) for so many of us meant no matter what we tried we always went back to being stuck at zero.

Going ‘back to zero’ in spiritual terms means destroying what once was. Spiritually everything has a beginning, a middle and an end. Once something has ended, the cycle restarts and then goes back to the beginning. 2020 was the year of destruction or reset, the end of a chapter. What wasn’t working prior to 2020, by the end of 2020 had pretty much collapsed. So many relationships fell apart, people fell out of love with their careers and certain friendship groups, it was harder and harder to keep up the pretence.

If you can look at 2020 with gratitude though and see that everything happens for you and not to you, you could see it as the things, people, jobs, behaviours and mindsets had to destruct so that the new can come in. Perhaps then you can look at 2021 as the true year of new beginnings for you.

2021 (2 0 2 1) numerically speaking shows movement and progression, it is spiritually a year of change. Now is time to truly ask yourself from the bottom of your heart, what do you truly want to achieve this year? If you really want to become a Personal Stylist but your mind has been putting you off, filling you with doubts, this is the moment you have you override your mind with your heart. Life is way too short, 2020 was a clear reminder of that. The only thing you have to do now, is to make that pivotal decision that is the year you’re going to do it.

Once you decide that, watch how your life will change (for the better!). Then it will be time for you to research who you want to train with, what course you want to do etc. etc. Unfortunately, Style ME Training doesn’t have a brochure to send you, it never felt personal enough for me. I much rather speak to you on the phone and answers any questions you may have directly; it will save both of us time. 2020 took up way up way too much and no one’s got time to waste!

Get in touch and don’t forgot to ask for your 2021 discount!