Style ME Training
Style ME Training

No matter who walks through the doors of our academy I always say: “your first client is you!” By no means am I trying to insult them by thinking they are not stylish enough to be a Personal Stylist what I’m implying is that there is always room for improvement in everyone of us, myself included. I remember before I went on my own colour analysis training, I honestly thought because I had good youthful olive skin, I could wear any colour I wanted. Wow I was soon (subtly) shown exactly how much older and heavier I could look in the wrong colours! The moment I had this revelation I vowed to never wear earthy muted tones again (despite my love for them) as why would I ever want to look older than I am?

Next came the acknowledgement of my petite hourglass frame, again once I realised all those high necked halter neck tops I owned were the most unflattering for my shape I ditched them in a heartbeat and instead invested in a Capsule Wardrobe perfect for my petite hourglass frame and ‘Winter’ complexion.

You can guess what happened; I started to look great, all of the time. Youthful, slimmer and well put together no matter what the occasion. As my confidence grew so did the compliments. I thanked people for the compliments and always responded by saying “it’s because I am dressing my shape and wearing my colours”…this intrigued people, as they too wanted to be let into the secret and surprise surprise my business grew!

This is what I honestly believe; there is no bigger advert than you. So many women come to our Academy at a much later stage in their life; post kids, post marriage, post career for example and though we wholeheartedly embrace that and welcome them in, the challenge we know they will face post training is that the people in their world simply won’t relate to them as a ‘personal stylist’ and nothing will shatter their confidence more than a friend still relating to them as the stay the stay at home mum or retiree. The easiest way to counteract that is to look amazing, all of the time; then not only do the people in your circle start to see you differently, most importantly you start to see yourself differently. Only when you’ve created your own capsule wardrobe and are a walking talking advert can you possibly advise others…

What I’ve learnt over the years is that so many women actually come to our Academy not to become a Stylist but to actually be styled with the mind set that if they end up becoming a working stylist as a result of it then that’s just the icing on the cake. I’m glad our Academy doesn’t make anyone of any age, size, status or personal style feel inadequate to attend our training. Our aim is to empower women so much so that they leave us at the end of the week ready to inspire other women. The genius part is that it’s an easy unique formula that any one can learn and then repeat on others empowering them to not only look amazing but also feel amazing too….