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“Empowered women, empower women…”

Style ME, one of London’s leading Personal Styling Agencies have successfully been styling men and women of all ages and lifestyles for over 10 years. They say in all of their years in the industry the two biggest requests they get from their clients are: “help me look slimmer” and “make me look younger” and they have the formula and ability to do just that! They 100% believe there is a science to dressing effectively and that is ‘Dress your shape’ to create a more balanced slimmer silhouette and ‘Wear your Colours’ to create a more radiant youthful complexion. This is the science they teach at their Style ME Training Academy; giving budding stylists the knowledge to confidently style anybody no matter what their age, size, budget or lifestyle.


Nisha- Founder Style ME UK, Co-Founder Style ME Training Academy

“Setting up Style ME all those years ago was about giving clients the confidence to be the best version of themselves through the right choice of clothes, hairstyles, make up etc. Little did I know that one day I would also be empowering women to transform their lives doing what we believe is the most rewarding career in terms of flexibility, building your own self esteem and finding financial freedom. This is what inspires me on a daily basis and I am so happy to have left the rat race and taken a leap of faith!”

Mary Ann

Mary Ann- Co-Founder Style ME Training Academy

“Before we set up Style ME Training, Nisha was already styling for over 5 years and had a fantastic reputation as she built up her agency Style ME in London. Knowing Nisha when she worked in the corporate world, I was so impressed that she had managed to maintain the same financial success running her own business. It was when I returned to the UK from working overseas looking for a career that would fit around my young family, that I wondered if I too could become a stylist. Nisha was obliged to teach me everything she knew and from the start I was hooked and I loved the fact there is a science to styling. I was convinced that other women would not only want this knowledge but would also want to have this perfect career. I was fortunate that I had a background in fashion retail and training and with Nisha’s styling expertise and business sense the Style ME Training Academy was created and the rest is history”.

Meet the trainers at Style ME:

Nisha, how did you get into Personal Styling?

I was working in a large corporation earning good money, but I was bored and felt frustrated that I wasn’t doing a job I loved. It was when I read somewhere “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day” that I really thought about my future career and I desperately wanted to find a job that I could be passionate about.

Around the office I was always known as the ‘stylish one’ and it was randomly around this time in my life that I was asked by my male boss to help him with his styling dilemmas. Armed with my own good taste and top tips from shows such as ‘Trinny and Susannah’ (remember this was 2006!) I rose to the challenge. When payment came in the form of a pair of Jimmy Choos (he was very happy with the results!) it was then that I realised, that this could be my calling.

I started imagining my career as a Personal Stylist; doing something I was naturally good at, whilst helping others, and still earning good money! Armed with my newfound enthusiasm and desire for more shoes, I started offering my Personal Shopping services to friends of friends through word of mouth.

So how did Style ME come about?

The more clients I got, the more I realised I wanted to do Personal Styling full time. So like anyone wanting to start their own business I began my research and soon realised just how competitive the market was. So I went about getting solid industry training to hone my natural talent and launch my own company Style ME. However, I naively thought that to get the best training I would need to attend one of the most expensive training academy’s and I literally spent thousands on my training!

Are you saying training wasn’t necessary for you?

Absolutely not, without my training I would have felt like a fraud charging clients for my services. I just wish my training had been more results focused, less time consuming and more affordable.

What can I expect from attending your Training Academy?

We know the biggest way to grow your client base is for you to set the perfect example on how to look your best, so whether you have all the confidence in your personal style or have lost your way a little (like so many of our delegates do) we assure you that right from the start we will be taking you on a personal journey teaching you exactly how to effortlessly style yourself. This is when the penny really drops because once you see what the right clothes and colours can do for you, you will be inspired to work the magic on others.

If you join us on the Intensive course, as part of the mentoring process we give you a fabulous photoshoot with our brand partner FACE London (www.Facelondon.com), here you’ll be styled to perfection, so by the time we have that well deserved glass of Champagne together at the end of your training you’ll leave with not only your new found knowledge, marketing tools and our personal phone numbers, but also with that extra spring in your step, looking and feeling amazing because we know that it all begins with you.

The training always takes place in small groups in a relaxed yet professional atmosphere with equal amounts of theory and practice at our beautiful London training venue. We want all of our delegates to feel as comfortable as possible as that’s when they can really take in the knowledge. In short, our courses are: intensive, inspirational and life changing.

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